Sunday, April 5, 2009

How I do a page

I've had a lot of people ask me what my process is, so I'm going to try and explain how and what i do.
first i start with a rough done in pencil, not always do i do this but I'm starting to more often because i never have any originals to show or sell at the conventions when people ask for them. i guess its one of the pitfalls working almost exclusively in digital!

next i use reference photo's and begin things in corel painter. first i did the panel with the eyes in black and white, once my values are were i like them i will either multiply a layer and color over the top, or lifting the image and color under the lines. if i color on top i will drop the multiply layer and blend, hi light and darken before addding another layer. if i color under i do everything on one layer and then just discard the original line work.

then i started the next panel, again in black and white. at some point i put both panels on the page to check for size, flow and page composition.

once i like how it looks i continue doing the panel by itself to completion. once it's painted i replace it back on the page and then I'm done!
this one's not totally complete yet but you get the idea!

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